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South Carolina Clean Energy and Resilience Accelerator

Building a Green Bank in South Carolina...

...To Benefit communities...

Residents and businesses across the state face the combined problems of high costs and damage from carbon pollution and high energy burden in disadvantaged communities. Green banks are mission-driven institutions that use innovative financing to address these problems by working to accelerate the transition to clean energy and resilience. We are building a non-profit green bank to join states across the Southeast and the country that currently have a green bank deployed.

...by addressing financial barriers and investing in clean energy and resilience.

Green banks work to address financial barriers that are currently reducing or removing transformative investment from occurring in communities where they operate.


Clean Energy

Saving families and businesses money on their energy bills to drive economic empowerment in South Carolina.


Accelerating a sustainable and resilient future for South Carolina through transformative investments.

7 Sectors for Investment


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